My Village Learning Center, LLC -                                          Let us be YOUR village!

The My Village Learning Center Mission
"Let Us Be Your Village"   This mission statement expresses the seriousness of our belief in the old saying, “It takes a village”. At My Village Learning Center we pride ourselves in being a vital part of our community, one that provides each child that we serve a safe, healthy, culturally rich and academically challenging environment. One child at a time, we help build stronger villages!

My Village Learning Center’s primary purpose is to act as a support system to the families and communities that we serve. We have taken great pride in creating and sustaining quality early childhood programs. These programs not only prepare our children for their futures, but improve neighborhoods by bringing jobs and much needed resources into the community. 

Hours of Operation:
     Monday - Friday:   6:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.
     Saturday & Sunday:   Closed
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                                   Children working to make our school garden.

Stands With Many came for a visit and taught the children about Native American culture.

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